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Hey Lara,

I slept with a girl that I had met from an online dating site. I didn’t plan to sleep with her but it just happened as we got on really well. 
The best part was that I had quality passionate oral sex with her, pretty much all night without cumming at all. I was very much surprised and pleased. The breathing exercises and PC muscle exercises definitely worked and I really want to thank you for guiding me on this 🙂 Plus the sensual touches, the way you taught me, was like a deep and quality love making experience with her. 
Thank you once again and hopefully I will see you around at some point in the future. K.” .

“The tantric lo…

“The tantric love act can be done as much as you like. The ordinary sex act cannot be done as much as you like because you are loosing energy in it, and your body will need to wait to regain it. And when you regain it, you will only lose it again. This looks absurd. The whole life is spent in gaining and losing, regaining and losing: it is just like an obsession.”
Osho “The Book of Secrets”

Women could not be happy with the lesson 1

I know that women can not agree with my advice in my Unimacy School Lesson 1. I am 55 and my man comes to my body every day. He comes to my body and I know he never will look for “pleasure” somewhere else. He is rushing home and if I am working he fills the bath for me. Every day I receive him with joy because he just loves to be inside me, he respects my body, he is beautiful and peaceful like a baby being inside me. Form such endless happiness I get wild and start dancing on him being inside me. He gently whispers: “Come down Lyochka (this is my nick name), come down…” I feel like a little baby who wants to play. Next day when he is at work I smile thinking of him. Wish all women feel like me…

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