A Human Touch is a Loving Touch

The only touch which can radiate love is the human touch. It should always radiate love. Sexuality is a special gift to human beings which no other living creature possesses. This gift is to express and receive love. Sexuality is like thousands of wires which can connect one human being to another. What all those wires would transmit depends on our thoughts, emotions and feelings. Also what we transmit we will get in return.




What is Lovemaking?

Saying “I would like to make love with you” is better than to say “I want to have sex”…

How to maintain love?

“If one engages in sex without emission…exercising self-control and calming the passion, love actually increases.” The earlier Chinese Classic of Su Nu.

Making love is very important! Make love every day!

Physical love is not just sex! It is much more! The same partners can make love every day for the rest of their lives if making love is a soulful process, which creates the necessary feelings of attachment. This more intimate kind of sex will give a man and a woman extraordinary strength and vitality. They will obtain an incredibly deep sense of oneness with each other. They will feel as though they stand on this earth not on two feet, but on four … no, on thousands of feet! However, for this we need to make love differently, not the way a lot of men and women do and the way it is presented by mainstream sexual educators or the wider media.

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