Why it is not good when a man is on top in intercourse?



1. A female’s body is usually much smaller than a male’s body.

2. When a man is on top he can press on woman’s body with his weight, he can be too heavy for her and hurt her back.

3. He cannot relax fully because he has to hold himself on his arms. His shoulders can quickly get tired, his arms can get tired, his knees can get tired… When a man is tired he starts to speed up, he is not enjoyng the process, he wants to finish.

4. When a man is on top he cannot do anything to female body but only move into her vagina. He can get quickly overexcited and climax.

5. A man usually does not pay much attention to female body when he is on top. He gets too focused on his penis, he looses connection to his woman, he stops feeling what she wants and what is good for her.

6. When he is on top he can get bored more quickly, tired, he cannot continue on top for a long time.


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