For men who have erection problems

Thinking about sex ask yourself: What do I want to have sex for?

There two things what sex is for:

  1. for having a baby

  2. for expressing love

    If you want to have a baby than you have to work how to make your penis erect enough to be able to enter your woman and ejaculate. For this matter 2 min of more or less erected penis is enough. The job done! Will your woman get pregnant or not it is another matter.

If you want to express love you have to ask yourself many additional questions as such:

  1. Is it really true that my woman wants only my erect penis?

  2. What kind of touches she likes if she does not mind my penis to be soft?

  3. How can I make her physically happy beyond an intercourse?

  4. What kind of intercourse is possible to make her happy when my penis is soft?

  5. How can I touch her for hours to make her feel my love?

  6. How can I love her body the way she feels happy whatever my penis can do?

And many many other questions because a woman loves attention to her body and especially to her skin and breast, neck and belly, hair and ears, sides and back, shoulders… Vagina is not on this list yet! And maybe not much on this list!


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