Why do you believe that you need to reach orgasm?

Why do you believe this idea?

Maybe because of these reasons:

  1. you feel like you always want an orgasm,

  2. you feel good at the moment of orgasm,

  3. you believe that orgasm is good for your health,

  4. you do not know anything about how having orgasm will effect your health and relationship in the future,

  5. you are afraid of feeling tension and discomfort in your body, or emotional frustration if you do not reach orgasm,

  6. you are afraid of losing your partner if you do not provide orgasm,

  7. you do not believe that your partner is happy without orgasm, even if he or she says otherwise,

  8. you do not ask your partner’s opinion on the subject of orgasm,

  9. you follow what the majority people say about an orgasm,

  10. you believe the mass media and traditional doctors who advise always to strive to reach orgasm,

  11. you do not research on the subject but follow instinctive impulses in the body to reach orgasm,

  12. you do not observe your sensations and feelings and do not ask about your partner’s sensations and feelings which are linked to orgasm,

  13. you feel that an orgasm is the greatest pleasure of life because you do not know any other sexual pleasures,

  14. you do not want to change your habit of reaching orgasm because it takes an effort,

  15. you do not want to complicate things and instead, follow the easiest path, which is having an orgasm.


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