Freedom for instinct or freedom FROM instinct?

More than 40 years ago the world was shaken by the sexual revolution. Women became sexually expressive and more active. They were introduced to idea of having ‘GO’ – Great Orgasm and they started to strive for that. The sexual revolution had proclaimed sexual freedom. Unfortunately such freedom did not help many men and women become happy in their relationship. Just the opposite: higher expectations of orgasmic pleasure created more fear, complexes and unhappiness in people’s sex lives and relationships. Sexual desire is an instant and very powerful sense, yet, sexual desire does not mean love.

In the past, men were mostly searching for pure sexual and physical gratification. Today, women also want that.

In my opinion the sexual revolution was a proclamation of freedom for instinct.

I believe that we have to learn freedom from instinct, learn how to develop ourselves as a soulful sexual beings, how to evolve our relationship towards the feeling which I call ‘physical love’.

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