Do we really need always orgasm?

Do we really need always orgasm?

The idea of having orgasm or bringing partner to orgasm every time when we have sex can badly effect our relationship. Why? What this idea does to us?

  1. Creates demanding expectations on both partners. If orgasm is not achieved we feel disappointed in our partner.

  2. Causes sexual problems. A man or a woman is often unable to achieve orgasm; he or she does not even have the energy for it. Nevertheless, they still try to bring themselves or a partner to orgasm, whether via intercourse, orally or manual stimulation. This causes physical fatigue, physical pain and emotional irritability and tensions.

  3. When one partner is driving himself or herself to orgasm, the other partner can feel that his or her body is being used and he or she can experience feelings of alienation and resentment.

  4. Persistent aspiration to achieve orgasm can scare our partner. They can then try to avoid sexual contact.

  5. Desire to avoid sex can extend to any physical contact – a hug, a kiss, touching or even holding hands. A partner may become afraid that even innocent touch can eventually cause an initiation to sexual contact during which he or she has to provide orgasm. Any contact can be subconsciously perceived as a danger, because it may involve a “task” rather than pleasure.

  6. An orgasm is an excessive stress for internal organs. Fatigue that comes after orgasm indicates a loss of energy. Frequent loss of energy exhausts the body and the mind and reduces the ability and desire to have intimate contact.

  7. Tired
  8. When reaching orgasm becomes a habit, both lovers tend to concentrate more on their own feelings and sensations and on the desire to make a good impression on each other (i.e. arouse the other), rather than on sincere feeling of love. This can lead to unauthentic behavior and a break-down in trust.

  9. A woman can feel insecure if her man does not ejaculate. She can think that it is her fault, that she is not able to bring her man to orgasm.

  10. A man can feel a sense of duty to ejaculate. If he doesn’t ejaculate he can feel insecure and isolate himself in his own fears. As a result his body can be unable to function in a healthy sexual manner.

  11. Without reaching orgasm partners tend to feel less loved.



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