Keeping a man or loving a man

These days there a lot of manuals and courses on the subject of how to attract and keep Mister Right.

The first thing is:  there are no Mister Right because it is in a woman’s nature to find faults in her man as soon as she has attracted him. Men tend to do the same but only if they are not given enough sexual love. They are never are given enough sexual love from their women even if they are given enough sex. Love and sex are different substances.

The second thing is: keeping a man is different from loving a man. He always stays where he is sexually loved. Not is desired! But loved. Desiring a man and loving him sexually are two different substances too.

A man is a bit like an animal, if you keep him he still will look over the fence and run away if he can, if you love him which means care of him SEXUALLY, he will look at you and run to you.

Loving a man SEXUALLY means less thinking about your own pleasure but providing constant pleasure for both.

A woman! Be in charge of your sexual relationship!


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