We need to be educated as sexual beings

Most of men and women put significant effort in order to attract the opposite sex. And what? After passionate lovers spend a few years together they often get bored and tired of each other sexually. Human sexuality is still viewed by most people as uncontrollable and powerful desire. In people’s eyes it should be like a storm, like a powerful drive in the body. In fact, it is a storm, it is a drive! But, not for long! So, it often leads to the tragedy of separation. It is absolutely clear that we leave in the world where sexual education is absolutely absent. It is absent because in order to educate men and women in the subject of sexuality as human beings we need proper lovemaking schools. To educate people in making love is the same like to educate in dancing or playing violin. It takes time and it involves physical and emotional practice. But, first we need to define where we all should go with our sexual desire: to heaven or to hell…


the Love Gym and the Love Church will start from 1st of May



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