The story 1

My life is my work. Even with my partner. I make love with him every day and I teach people how to make love. I will tell you a lot of stories from my life and from my work.

It is for you to think about what sex means for you.

A man, 56 years old: “We have been married for 22 years, have 3 wonderful daughters. I love my wife dearly. Our sex life was great! But over recent years my wife did not get so excited about sex as before. I have tried everything: made a nice dinner, taken her to a wonderful restaurant, given presents. Before, usually we had a lot of erotic games, used toys and watched erotic films. Now she does not want any of that. She said: ‘I want soul connection. I cannot do that physical stuff any more…’ I do not understand her words…”

Me: “Your wife is getting older. Her body is not having the same instinctive sexual drive as when she was younger. Maybe it is time to change your sexual practice from exciting and thrilling into something more loving, tactile, relaxing and nurturing? I can teach you that.”

The man: “I know what you mean. But, I need sex. I am full of energy. I am only 56 and my body needs sex every day. Now we have sex only 3-4 times a week. My wife is always tired. I cannot live like that.”

Me: “If you will develop a nurturing practice you will feel more sexually balanced…”

The man: “I understand what you mean. But, I do not want to lose desire for passion. I love it! I feel bored and I am not excited if my wife massages me. I love active sex. I have a good business and my children are almost grown-up. I need a sexy woman!”

Me: “Do you mean that it is possible that you will leave your wife?”

The man: “I came here to learn new tips of how make my wife sexy again!”

My comment:

That man left me disappointed. He never called again. I thought with sorrow about his wife. 😦


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